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Boat tours in and around Berlin

Berlin is most stunning when seen from a boat! For your family or company celebration, we offer you:

  • Passenger vessels large and small.
  • Cold and warm buffets from the Gerichtslaube.
  • Our best waiters.
  • A fireworks display to surprise your guests.

We’ll make your celebration an event to remember!

Here is how you can book your boat tour

In order to find a suitable vessel that accommodates your number of persons and desired budget, please contact Ms. Gertig by phone 030-2415697 or e-mail info@gerichtslaube.de.

You will need the following information:

  • Day of the boat excursion?
  • Departure and arrival time?
  • From where do you wish to embark?
  • Where do you wish to arrive?
  • How many guests are in your party?
  • How about a sparkling wine reception?

The price is based on the size of the vessel, the travel time and any fees for locks and/or third-party mooring.